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Jury Verdict Reporter Index Overview

How do you easily locate verdicts involving a particular injury? Where can you find recent "cases testified" information for a medical expert witness? How would I locate an accident reconstruction expert who is based in Illinois? What was the trial record of a particular insurance company during the prior volume year? If you are like hundreds of lawyers every month, you find the answers to these questions by placing a telephone call to the Jury Verdict Reporter's research assistant (312-644-4318). Still other firms utilize the Law Bulletin's AccessPlus® Jury Verdict online database to quickly search through the more than 85,000 published Jury Verdict Reporter case summaries. However, for many attorneys, the answers are found in the Jury Verdict Reporter's annual print indexes, which are available as a cost-effective "upgrade" to an existing Jury Verdict Reporter subscription. These indexes are time-saving tools that enhance the value of your Jury Verdict Reporter newsletter library.

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Injuries Index

The Calendar Year Injuries Index is designed to enable subscribers to easily locate cases involving a specific injury or damage that were published in the weekly Cook County Jury Verdict Reporter, monthly Illinois Jury Verdict Reporter, or monthly Cook County Arbitration Reporter during the prior calendar year. Cases are organized by the primary "body part" that was affected or the damage sustained, with the categories listed in alphabetical order (e.g., Abdomen; Amputation; Arm; Brain; Civil Rights; etc.). Verdicts under each header are listed in descending order by amount. Only those trials in which the jury awarded $10,000 or more are included in this index. Each case reference identifies the plaintiff's gender, age, and injury/damage, plus the Jury Verdict case citation and the amount of the verdict. Reported bench trials and out of state verdicts are clearly identified. The most current Calendar Year Injuries Index covers cases reported during 2013, with the 2014 Index nearing production.

Non-Medical Experts Index

The annual Non-Medical Experts Index identifies "cases testified" for experts as reported in the same three core Jury Verdict publications as the Injuries Index during the prior volume year. This index includes three sections: experts grouped by specialty (e.g., Accident Reconstruction; Architect; Attorney; Biomechanical Engineer; etc.); experts grouped by the state in which they are located; and experts listed alphabetically by name. The "alpha" section includes the most recent available contact information for each non-medical expert witness. The names of experts who have appeared in prior indexes are underlined. The Jury Verdict case references indicate whether the expert was called by the plaintiff or defendant, followed by the name of the firm that retained the expert, and a brief note describing the case. The most current Non-Medical Experts Index covers cases reported between September 1, 2013 and August 31, 2014, and features references for 185 non-medical expert witnesses, including 94 new experts.

Medical Experts and Treating Physicians Index

The annual Physicians Index lists those medical experts and treating physicians who have testified in reported civil jury trials during the prior volume year. Like the Non-Medical Experts Index, the Physicians Index is a three-section publication in which "repeat" experts' names are underlined in the alphabetical directory. Expert listings-indicated by an "E" below the name-include the claimed area of expertise, the most current available contact information, plus the Jury Verdict case citation and a brief note describing the trial. Case references identify whether the medical expert or treating doctor was called by the plaintiff or defendant, and the name of the law firm or lawyer. The most current Physicians Index covers the volume year spanning September 1, 2013 through August 31, 2014. This massive index features references for 394 medical experts and 663 treating physicians, including 105 new medical expert witnesses.

Insurers Index

The three-section annual Insurers Index contains references to cases summarized in the three core Jury Verdict Reporter publications during the prior volume year. Section I is an alphabetical list of the insurance companies, with the names of the law firms that represented their insureds grouped below. Case citations and statistics show the total value of reported jury verdicts against those insureds, with awards of $1 million or more in parentheses. Section II is an alphabetical list of the law firms that defended civil jury cases on behalf of insured or self-insured clients. Section III identifies major self-insured entities. Please note that only those cases for which insurer information was submitted to the Jury Verdict Reported are included in this index. The most current Insurer Index covers cases reported during the volume year ending August 31, 2014.

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